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Blog Hiatus

I know guys it’s been a couple of months since I don’t update my blog and I want to apologize about it. I’ve been really very these past few days and I don’t have much time posting some of my stuffs here. I just wanted to tell that I’m going to update my blog as soon as vacation starts. Hope you guys are having a good day!

Nice blog. I'm a blogger as well and I'm hoping our blogs could collaborate together with some others. Good Day! —by Anonymous

Hi there! Thank you for your heartwarming message :) I would really hope to collaborate also with others. I hope to know you soon! :))

Hi there my fellow bloggers! Do you want to have some fun and exciting night of your life? Join Blogopolis: Into the Wild event this upcoming November 16, 2013 at Hotel Intercontinental Manila at Makati City, Philipiines. Registration starts at 12:30 pm with the admission fee price listed above. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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Sessions on Finding One’s Purpose

Okay so my friend emailed me this invitation and invites me to join this Session on Finding One’s Purpose this October 26, 2013.

The seminar fee for Student is PHP 400.00 per person and PHP 950.00 for adults. You can bring a friend of yours if you want!

So I’m still thinking if I should join this seminar. This maybe affect our own perspective view of our lives and I know this seminar has a lot of lessons that we can use, this can also help our life.

Let’s see each other on October 26, 2013 at Cocoon Hotel, Quezon City in case I’m going to join!

A Run for the Pasig River / 60 years of ABS-CBN

This last October 6, 2013, the day before my birthday, they held the annual run in Quezon City Memorial Circle with a theme of 3/5K run. Our cluster number was 15 and the group was ABS-CBN Corporation.

Before the run starts.

My mom and tita Grace

Myself while having our 5K run.

Everyone seems so exhausted, no worries the finish line is already there.

After the run,some of the people including us went to see the Booths and other fun stuffs inside the QC Circle.

We visited the TFC booth wherein some of Tita Grace and Mom’s co-workers in ABS-CBN are inside the booth busy from some stuffs.

Well we had so much fun in this kind of event. Not just you’re going to have fun, but we also contributed for the Pasig River. I’m happy to say that I was included in the 60 years of Philippine television. Let’s just see each other once again next year for the run and the fun! Happy 60 years to ABS-CBN!!! We also got our certificates from the run.

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